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How to Design Converting Websites

We at Coventry's top web design company are often asked how to design converting websites, and this is what we tell them. When visitors land on a website that is probably your creation, all you want them to experience is quick loading of page. No one would ever aspire to have a glance of website after waiting for a while. While most people do not consider, a delay of even a second can trim down the conversion rate by 7%. An impressive looking website can definitely help you accomplish the designing goal and deliver the brand in the right way possible. But, at the same time, an appealing design alone cannot sell your product or service. Thus, you need to have a converting website more than a good-looking websites. Here are some steps on how to design converting websites.

Begin with research- the key to all queries

The beginning should be done with careful deliberation of target market in the context of products or services you are going to provide. You can bring these niches into consideration by focusing on four primary categories including purpose, goal, content and target audience.

Planning-steps to designing

The end of research process marks the beginning of planning for website design and features. Bearing in mind your expectations from the website, create a flowchart and sitemap for it. By doing so, you can have a better picture of what to create and implement.

Design-the important of all

Creating visual mockup of web pages gives you a better perspective of look of your website. This goal should always be centered on creating a unique design, which can clearly and promptly showcase the Unique Selling Proposition or simply USP. Also, a unique and unparalleled design can grab the attention of visitor’s thereby building credibility and belief. This will not only help you achieve highest conversion rates, but also bring satisfaction to you and your visitors.

Give more attention to image selection

Selection of images for website is the trickiest job, as you have to pick something that can convey the message you aspire to send to your visitors. Settling on a meaningful image can better embody the message and feeling of site owners. Do not put graphics on site just because you like it. If graphics are not working, there shouldn’t be any space for them on your site. Besides, overused imagery may prove dangerous, as it may or may not send the message you want to convey.

Avoid Choice Paralysis

Choice paralysis can be defined as a phenomenon in the world of marketing that happens when users are given a number of options. Even if your choice is great, too many great choices can also confuse customers. So, it’s always worthy to limit your options for converting websites.

Show your product

When people visit a store, they can look at the product, test it and even taste it at times. But, when it comes to online purchase, trust factors play a kingmaker. And, that’s the reason why online sites must provide as much information as possible to assist customers can take an informed decision. There is no doubt that people prefer good that they see and touch, but they also go for digital goods if information and pricing is better.